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The aims of the center

The aim of the center is to; conducting national and foreign scientific researches and applications regarding neurological sciences in cooperation with the relevant departments and divisions of the university, arranging educational activities. 

Areas of activity

The center conducts the following activities in order to fulfill its aim determined in Article 5 of the Directorate hereby:

a) Conducting national and foreign fundamental and practical researches and examinations regarding neurological sciences, participating in and supporting such studies,

b) Arranging national and international courses, seminars, conferences, congresses, symposiums and similar activities regarding the developments in neurological sciences,

c) Establishing a communication network with national and international institutions conducting fundamental and practical researches on neurological sciences,

d) Making an archive in order to follow both the scientific researches and their results conducted in light of the aims of the center and the scientific developments and publications of national and international institutions regarding neurological sciences,

e) Contributing the studies of national and international public and private institutions and bodies in light of the aims of the center, enabling the development of joint projects, if need arises; conducting examinations and researches, preparing projects, arranging education programs, offering scientific consultation services, offering data banking and similar services,

f) Conducting clinical studies, patient follow-ups and scientific activities, becoming a reference center to represent our country on national and international level,

g) Making regular follow-ups of the groups such as cerebrovascular diseases group, epilepsy study group, movement disorders group, skull base study group, clinical neurophysiology study group, clinical psychopharmachology group, neuroimmunology group, neuromascular diseases study group, pediatric neurosurgery group, pediatric neurology group, psychiatric genetics study group, psychiatry fundamental science study group and spinal surgery group, which are diagnosed with certain neurologic diseases; enabling regular records and update of these groups, thus creating a data bank,

h) Determining social and economic problems in the patients, family and society caused by the diseases which are within the scope of neurology, developing and concluding solution-oriented projects,

i) Informing the society of neurological diseases, arranging regular education programs in order to inform and educate the patient relatives, publishing books, journals, brochures and similar publications, making programs in printed and visual media organs, thus enlightening the people regarding the scientific information,

j) Undertaking a uniting role between the colleagues and associates conducting studies on neurological diseases and offering supportive and constructive services for their scientific studies,

k) Conducting other activities determined by the Board of Directors.

Hacettepe University Neurological and Psychiatric Research and Application Center